Meal Trains

Unless you opted out, part of your NMC membership agreement is to make (or purchase) one meal for another NMC member (either a new mom or another member who could use some help) each year. We will post meal trains throughout the year, so please contribute when you can!

Each member also agreed to volunteer 2 hours per year, which can be spent setting up, helping during, or cleaning up at an event (or joining the board!).

We offer an option when you sign up that you can pay a fee to waive the volunteer hours or the meal preparation.

Meal Trains for NMC Members

Our dear friend, Victoria, has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Victoria is one of the kindest and most generous people you could ever meet. She has helped so many of us in our times of need and cared for many of our children through the years. Now, it is our turn to help out Victoria and her family while she navigates this tough time.

Meagan and Adam Allsman received a Christmas miracle on December 18th. Born at 29 weeks, Colt Malcom Allsman was gifted to the world earlier than anticipated, and is finally home! The family could use your continued help so they can focus on healing, bonding and adjusting back at home.

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