NMC Board

The Novato Mothers Club is run by a group of almost 30 volunteer moms and one dad.  We have a lot of fun meeting each month over snacks while discussing fun plans for our group.  We are always looking for more members to join us!

Board commitments range from helping to plan a one-time event, planning monthly events, assisting with website/social media/administrative work, or whatever you are willing to put in! We also meet once a month (typically the first Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8:15pm)  to discuss upcoming events and initiatives, get out of the house, enjoy some time with other adults, and eat yummy food.

If you are interested in learning more about the board or adding your input to future events, we invite you to attend one of our meetings. Joining a committee on the board is an excellent way to meet people and make sure your voice is heard. More detail about the various committees can be found here.

NMC Co-Directors

Tiara Johnson

Tiara has been an NMC member since 2018, has two young boys (2018 and 2021), and an urban quail farm in her backyard.  She is also a member of the "Boo Crew" and Easter Egg Hunt committees and is incredibly passionate about her work with the NMC.

Tiara has been a Co-Director since August 2022.

Sophia Osotio

Sophia is a single mom to a sassy tween. She has lived in Novato since 2011. Prior to that, she lived and grew up in the East Bay (Hayward, Fremont area mostly). She moved to Novato so her mom could help raise her daughter, but her mom moved back to the East Bay. Being so in love with this town, she stayed. She joined the club in 2011 after seeing the group in the 4th of July parade. She joined an amazing playgroup, with many of the moms becoming her closest friends. She has absolutely adored all of the events and activities over the years, even as her daughter got older. She joined the board in 2014 and was previously a Co-Director from 2017-2019. Over the years, she has helped in almost every facet of the club in some capacity. In addition to being very involved in the club, she is a mobile notary and works in the Novato office of the Neptune Society. You may often see her around as she is the volunteer coordinator for the Novato 4th of July Parade and serves on the City of Novato's Multicultural Advisory Commission.

Sophia has been a current Co-Director since August 2022.

Cayla Anderson

Cayla joined the NMC in early 2021 after relocating to Novato from Denver and joined the board that summer. She has one boy (2017) and absolutely loves board games. During the pandemic, she started collecting kids board games and has now lost count of how many her family has acquired. She is also  member of the Holiday Party and Social Media/Newsletter committees.

Cayla has been a Co-Director since February 2023.

Pictured above: two of our fearless leaders at the Mothers' Social in June 2022

Pictured above: our trusty leadership team at Easter 2023

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