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Novato Mothers Club Rummage & Bake Sale Seller Guidelines

Seller Guidelines

7 Important Steps:

  • Get a Seller ID # from nmcrummagesale@gmail.com
  • Gather, sort and wash all of your items. We will not accept stained or broken items. Clothing up to kids size 10 only.
  • Use a piece of masking tape on each item with the following written on it:
    Seller ID # (circle this number)
    Size (if applicable, e.g. 18 mos or 2T)
    Price - in 50 cent increments
  • Please tie any shoes together with laces or string so they don’t become separated.
  • Separate your clothing items into bags BY SIZE AND GENDER. LABEL the bag with corresponding size and gender (this applies if you have a bag full of clothes or more.)
  • Put maternity clothes, dresses, costumes and coats or jackets on hangers.
  • Bring all items to the Downtown Novato Recreation Center, 950 Seventh Street, behind Novato Gymnastics,on the Friday night before the sale, between 5:00 pm and 8:30 pm. Again this year: In your presence, we will go through your items, checking for condition. We’ll reject items that do not meet the guidelines.

How the Sale Works:

  • Sellers drop off their items at the Recreation Center on Friday between 5:00 pm and 8:30 pm. Place your items out on the tables or racks in the correct spots.
  • Volunteers set up Friday from 4-10 pm.
  • All volunteers and bakers shop Saturday morning from 8-8:45 am.
  • Sale is open to the public Saturday at 9 am.
  • Half off sale begins at 2:00 pm. All sellers will be asked to sign-in on the Seller ID Sheet to verify their Seller ID #. If you do not want your remaining items sold at half off, you must return between 1:30 and 1:50pm to get them.
  • If you have not returned to pick up your unsold items by 2:00 Saturday, all unsold items will be donated to charity at the end of the day.

After the sale:

  • Sellers who are NMC members get 60% of the proceeds, and the club gets 40%.
  • Non-NMC Member sellers receive 40% of the proceeds, and the club receives 60%.
  • If your total is less than $5, you will not receive payment. This is considered a donation to the club.
  • Expect your check a few weeks after the sale.

Pricing Guidelines:

  • Make sure price label is strongly affixed! If it falls off, we won’t know who the item belongs to and you won’t be paid.
  • Use masking tape to price each item
  • Price items in dollar or 50-cent increments.
  • Consider age & condition of the item.
  • Expect about 25-30% of original price

Some pricing suggestions:

T-shirts/onesies $1-3
Pajamas $1-3
Shoes $2-5
Leggings/thin pants $1-3
Costumes $3-10
Strollers $5-30
Jeans/Jeans/cords/dress pants $2-45
Soft cover books $1-2
Jackets/coats/ski clothes $3-10
Hard cover books $1-4
Dresses/dress clothes $3-10
Maternity wear $8-10
Better brands/designer: Add $1-3

Prohibited Items:

Car SeatsCribs/Portable Cribs/Pack & Plays
Stained or faded/heavily worn items
Unwashed clothing
Dirty, broken or incomplete toys &gear
Stuffed animals
Non-operating toys(please replace the batteries)
Underwear, diapers
Pacifiers, teethers & bottle nipples
Books with torn or marked up pages, broken bindings

Bake Sale:

Please bring your baked goods in a disposable plate or foil platter on Saturday morning to the sale, between 7 and 9AM.  Mark it with a note listing what your item is, and anything special about it such as vegan or gluten-free.  The items don't have to be individually wrapped.  We have bags and tongs for selling the baked goods.  We will price the items. Top sellers include brownies, frosted mini-cupcakes, lemon bars, and large cookies.  Kid-friendly items sell especially well.  

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