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What is the Novato Mothers Club?

The Novato Mothers Club (NMC) is a not-for-profit organization that serves the Novato community and surrounding areas, specifically moms and soon-to-be mothers. NMC is not only a huge support network for our members, but also a resource for meeting other moms, joining organized playgroups, and participating in fun and interesting mom- and family-focused events.


What are the criteria needed to become a member?

You must live in Novato, San Rafael, Petaluma, or the immediate surrounding area and either be pregnant or currently have children. All ages of kids are welcome, as NMC organizes many activities for the whole family.

Are dads or other guardians allowed to join the Novato Mothers Club?

Though the majority of our members are mothers, the answer is, yes, of course! This includes dads or other guardians filling the primary parental role. Note that if you are in a two-parent household, only one parent needs to be a member in order for the entire family to participate in our events.


I’d like to attend some of the Moms' Night Outs and other adults-only events. Do I need to wait until my baby is weaned?

You don’t need to wait! We welcome nursing infants to our adults-only events.


What is the cost to become a member?

Membership for one year is just $50. This goes toward the many programs and activities we coordinate each month as well as our minimal administrative and operating expenses. NMC is 100% run by its parent volunteers.


Can I pay by check?

When you sign up, you have the option of receiving an invoice and mailing in your check.  Credit cards and PayPal are also accepted.


How do I sign up to become a member?

Visit our Join NMC page.

Is there help available if I cannot pay the membership fee?

Yes, we have scholarships available. Please complete this online application and if a scholarship is available, someone from our Membership committee will be in touch.  Scholarship application.

Any questions, please email to

How are your playgroups broken down?

A lot of our playgroups are member-created in our member-only Facebook Group so it is up to the members how they interact.  We recommend that members post their child(ren)’s ages when creating playgroup events and also provide contact information to make it easier for members to find each other at the playground, etc.

I only want to join a playgroup. Do I have to be a member just to be in your playgroups?

Yes. Helping to organize playgroups for our members is one of the many benefits of our organization and you must become a member to receive this benefit.


I am interested in volunteering within NMC. Is this something that is available to new members?

Yes! NMC welcomes anyone interested in volunteering. In fact, most of our Board members volunteered almost as soon as they joined the club. NMC is run 100% by a group of wonderful moms and one dad who give a small portion of their time to help coordinate events and make the club all that it is. Volunteering with us is not only a great way to share your talents and keep your resumé updated, but it’s also a terrific opportunity to get to know a particularly fun bunch of active moms!

To learn more about our open board positions and our monthly board meeting, please email, or join our next board meeting!

Am I required to volunteer?

Each member needs to volunteer 2 hours per year, which can be spent setting up, helping during, or cleaning up at an event.  We also require each member to make (or purchase) one meal for a new mom.  We offer an option when you sign up that you can pay a fee to waive the volunteer hours or the meal preparation. 

How do I get connected with others once I join?

Activities, our member-only Facebook group, and events are at your fingertips once you become a member. Once you become a member and opt-in to emails, you will be alerted to all official club events and happenings.  By joining our member-only Facebook group, you will be alerted to additional playgroups and insider information.  Another great way to get involved is by volunteering with our NMC Board (see above).


When and where are the activities?

All activities vary in day & time, so everyone has a chance to participate, regardless of their schedule. Activities are rarely in the same place.  We try to spread them all over our area to make it fair (and fun!) for everyone.


Are the NMC events free?

Most events don't require fees, but occasionally when a special event is scheduled, the member may have to pay a fee.

For additional questions or comments, please contact

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